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    Christine Lengvari gives $1 million to Concordia University

    Excerpted directly from Concordia University site:

    Before she even began her studies at Loyola College — one of Concordia’s two founding institutions — Christine Lengvari, BSc 72, already felt connected to her alma mater. Her older brother George was a Loyola graduate and Lengvari had her mind set on following suit.

    Christine Lengvari and her parentsChristine Lengvari, with parents George and Trude, at her graduation from Loyola College in 1972.


    “My mother was my mentor,” says Lengvari. “Having lost everything after the war, she always said that education was the one thing that could never be taken away from us.”

    Today, the alumna gives back to her roots with a $1-million planned gift to Concordia.

    “I think Concordia has become a founding element in Montreal,” says Lengvari. “To be able to give back to the university now — and into the future — is energizing.”

    Lengvari, who is president and CEO of Lengvari Financial Inc. — a boutique insurance firm in Montreal — made the announcement at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business (JMSB) on April 19.

    The Christine Lengvari Endowment Fund will support scholarships for female students in the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program at JMSB and will also promote research at Concordia’s PERFORM Centre.

    “Christine is investing in the future of next-generation leaders and researchers,” says Concordia President Alan Shepard. “Her generous gift will contribute to supporting and empowering our students to go beyond expectations and pursue bold ideas.”

    Christine Lengvari, BSc 72, gives $1 million to support research in fields of nutrition and women in financeBram Freedman, vice-president of Advancement and External Relations; Axel Bergman, assistant director, Research Development and Strategic Initiatives; Anne-Marie Croteau, associate dean, Professional Graduate Programs and External Relations; Alison Fogel, student, John Molson School of Business and fund manager, Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program; Christine Lengvari BSc 72, President and CEO, Lengvari Financial Inc.; Concordia President Alan Shepard

    A long-lasting connection

    Lengvari’s relationship to Concordia continued into the 1980s when she was invited to join the Loyola Alumni Association.

    In 1997, after several years living overseas, Lengvari became the chair of the 25th Alumni Reunion as part of Homecoming and continued her involvement in various capacities. She was a member of the Alumni and Friends division of the Campaign for a New Millennium and later joined Concordia’s Board of Governors, where she served for nine years.

    Campaign for a New MillenniumChristine Lengvari (middle row, second from left) helped fundraise for Concordia’s Campaign for a New Millennium in the 1990s.

    It was Lengvari who helped found Concordia’s planned giving program. “I’m a great believer in planned giving,” she says. “I think that when we are part of a community, we have to be involved. It’s an opportunity to allocate funds to the causes you care about.”

    Women promoting women

    As a strong advocate for the empowerment of women, Lengvari understands the importance of helping those around her.

    She gives her time as advisory board chair of the Concordia Alumni Women and Leadership Program; is a member of the executive committee for the Montreal chapter of the International Women’s Forum; and was previously a mentor for the John Molson Women in Business Club. Since its inception, she has been part of the client committee for JMSB’s Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program — where she has directed part of her endowment.

    “I think it’s necessary to promote women and to encourage women to be involved,” she says. “We need support and I’ve certainly felt that throughout my own career.”

    The Christine Lengvari Endowment Fund will help propel the next generation of women leaders and it will also enable innovative research to encourage healthy living — two causes Lengvari is personally committed to.

    “I feel I’ve been very fortunate during my lifetime with the organizations I’ve been involved with. They’ve given a lot to me. To me, ‘giving’ means giving back.”

    George F. Lengvari, Christine Lengvari, Alan ShepardGeorge F. Lengvari, BA 63, brother of Christine Lengvari; Christine Lengvari, BSc 72, President and CEO, Lengvari Financial Inc.; Concordia President Alan Shepard

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