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    Why become a member of the IWF?

    Women who are leaders in their fields are invited to join IWF by their local affiliate, such as IWF Canada. At both the affiliate level and internationally, the IWF provides members opportunities to know and learn from other women leaders in a variety of disciplines, sectors, and societies.  IWFC embraces women's leadership, past, present and future, and encourage different points of view.

    How is this different from other professional women’s associations?

    IWF is the only truly international forum for women with at least two occasions yearly to meet with fellow members from around the world, with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and ideas, opening possibilities here and abroad, and feeding the pipeline of future women leaders.

    What kinds of activities do you organize?

    In addition to the international conferences, we have a variety of activities in each region we are present that range from our “Dine-Arounds”, intimate suppers in each other’s homes, to more formal presentations with guest speakers and experts from many spheres, including business, the arts, politics, philanthropy and academics.

    Can members attend events in other cities?

    A member in good standing can attend events in other cities by contacting the Programming Chair for that Chapter.

    How do I sign up for activities?

    You must be a member to attend activities. If you are a member, log in at the top right of this page to see the various activities hosted by your Chapter and by other Chapters across the country.

    How do you become a member of IWF Canada?

    IWF Canada, through its chapters, invites women in the various regions to become members. IWF Canada seeks to create a diverse membership of highly accomplished women in a variety of fields. Membership in IWF Canada carries automatic membership in the International Women's Forum. IWF, through its global structure, is responsible for developing new forums throughout the world that meet strict international standards.


    How is IWF structured?

    There are sixty-four affiliated forums of the IWF in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, which provide membership by invitation only and benefits to nearly 5,000 of the world's top leaders in a collaborative environment. This network of affiliates is managed from the IWF offices in Washington, DC. The IWF has no political or ideological agenda other than to promote women in leadership and to shape a transferable legacy for the benefit of future women leaders. Linking women with exclusive resources, experiences and opportunities, IWF's global chain of networks is unmatched anywhere in the world today.

    Who governs IWF Canada?

    IWF Canada’s structure is comprised of a national office, currently in Toronto, which oversees governance, membership, leadership development and chapter relations as well as international relations with IWF and other Forums. There are seven chapters: Atlantic Canada, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo Region with members residing in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Stratford and London ON. Each chapter has an executive responsible for its own recruitment and retention and programming. The Chair of each chapter sits on the National Board.

    Is this a political organization or have ties with any other organizations?

    IWF and IWF Canada are non-partisan and independent of all other organizations.

    Does IWF Canada act as an advocate for women’s issues?

    Details on current issues affecting women’s leaderships and others related to our mission may be shared with other members for information purposes only but not as a call to action nor to be intended as an endorsement of the issue in question.

    Will I be solicited or pursued for business opportunities?

    IWF Canada has a no solicitation rule: members get together to share knowledge, insight and information, and to support one another.